The Sell Miles ASAP team has gone together to explain and review all of the most popular questions for Qantas airline points:

Things to know about Qantas Frequent Flyer membership

Can I send my Qantas Points to a friend or family member?

You, you can send your points in Qantas from your frequent flyer account to your eligible family member’s own account. If you want to find out more about transferring Qantas Points, you can visit the Family Transfer site,  or you could call their Frequent Flyer Service Centre. There may be a service fee that you need to pay when applying for a family transfer transaction through the service center.

What should I do if my frequent flyer card got lost or stolen?

If your card got stolen, lost, or used without your authorization, or if your PIN or membership number has been used without your consent, you’ll be responsible to report this to the frequent flyer service center as soon as possible. You should report it immediately as you’ll be liable for all the transactions from your card or membership number, which is until you have notified Qantas about your stolen, lost, or unauthorized use of your card.

The bronze Frequent Flyer Cards can only be issued for members that are living in New Zealand and Australia. The type of card that can be issued to any members of Qantas club, regardless of where they live, is the Qantas Club cards.

When you issue for a replacement card, you will be charged for the Replacement Card Fee. However, you may request to waive the fee for the replacement card, which would be considered to be issued if you have one of the following reasons;

  • If you’ve changed a name due to a divorce, marriage, or a deed poll
  • If the card was stolen
  • The card’s magnetic strip is inoperable
  • If you didn’t receive your card that was sent by Qantas

To get a request to replace your Frequent Flyer Card, you’ll have to call the Service Center and speak to one of their consultants. But make sure that you have an available membership number when you call, also ensure that your address details are correct in your profile.

What should I do if I forgot my Qantas PIN?

If you ever forgot your PIN, you can request a new PIN by visiting the Forgot PIN where:

  • They could send you a temporary PIN to your profile’s valid email address, or
  • If you don’t have an email address or changed it, you could provide you security information, and then choose a new PIN.

If you can’t use the site’s Forgot PIN service, you will call the Service Center about the site as well as your forgotten PIN. Before calling. Make sure that you have an available membership number for confirmation.

As for your account’s security, we’re unable to provide or change the account information by writing or email.

What is a Status Credit and How is it Earned?

Status Credits are used to determine the level of your frequent flyer membership. Each time you fly with Qantas or any of the partner airlines, you easily earn your Status Credits. Qantas points and Status Credits are different, and it is simply used to measure your flying activity on any airlines. the number of credits that you could earn will depend on your fare, how far you’re going to travel, and on the airline, you have traveled on. Going with flexible fares will make you earn more status credits, as well as when traveling in premium cabins that in Economy. The more you fly with your membership each year, the higher your membership level would get and the more status credits you could earn

Status credits don’t expire, but they would be reset every membership year, so if you have around 300 status credits on December, at the 1st of January your status credit would be back to 0 if you didn’t use it before the end of the year. The status credits that you didn’t get to use after the end of the year would be added together and placed into your lifetime status credit. Once you have enough lifetime status credit, you can then have a lifetime Gold or Silver recognition regardless of how frequent you fly.

Frequent Flyer members could earn a Loyalty Bonus of about 8,000 Qantas Points for every  Status Credits of 500 they earn on flights with a Jetstar or Qantas Airlines number for a year. You could earn to a maximum of 4 loyalty bonuses, which is around 32,000 Points each year.

How can I Update the Details on my Frequent Flyer account?

You can view and update your account details on, including your special interests, email address, and phone numbers. Once you are at, log in using your membership number and PIN to change your account’s details. If you don’t know your PIN, you can request a temporary one at the Forgot PIN section.

If you go to, you can view and update your account details including your phone numbers, address, seat preferences, email address, as well as your payment card details online. As with, you’ll also have to log in using your membership number and your PIN.

 Note: you could only update your payment card details if you have existing card details in your profile. But if you don’t have any existing payment in your card details on your profile, you can add one once there’s a new booking on During the booking process, there would be an option for you to store your payment card details on your account.

Can I change my name on my Frequent Flyer membership account?

Yes, you can. To change your name on your account, you’ll have to send important documentation, such as divorce, deed poll, or marriage certificate. Just send your account number, legible document, and your name to the service center by a post. If your applying for a replacement on your membership card, you may be charged for a service fee.

Where can I find the Qantas Shop?

Just go to the Qantas Shop site and purchase some merchandise and travel accessories as a souvenir or gift. If you want to use your Qantas Points rather than money, you can visit the New Zealand Qantas Store or the  Australian Qantas Store.

What’s the difference between and

In, it will provide you with detailed information on how the Qantas members can earn and use their Qantas points through Qantas’ wide variety of partners and services. As for, it is primarily a website for the members of Qantas Frequent Flyer to manage their flight booking.

Both websites can be used to access your account information, competitions and special offers, and several things about Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

What is Qantas Travel Money?

The Qantas Cash is for those who live in New Zealand, but for those who live in other countries, they get to use a Qantas Travel Money, which is a facility of a prepaid debit card that is built at the back of the Qantas membership card. You can also lock in some exchange rates with multiple currencies and earn some points on purchases that you made from home or overseas.

What is Qantas Insurance?

The Qantas Insurance is operated by Qantas and backed by some of the lead insurance underwriters. Frequent Flyer members who join Qantas Insurance would be able to earn thousands of points, which they could use for their holiday getaway and more.

The things that you can benefit from joining Qantas Insurance is income, health, travel, and life insurance with additional partner event invitations, discounts, special offers, and a chance to earn more points just by being active in Qantas WellbeingApp.

Where Can I Use my Qantas Points?

You can use your Qantas points to book for Classic Flight Rewards or on Points Plus Pay Flights. You can also use these points to get a Classic Upgrade Reward on your flights on Qantas’ partnership airlines.

Can I Use my Qantas Points to Upgrade a Flight?

Yes, you can. Frequent Flyers can use their points to request for a Classic Upgrade Reward on fares for any domestic and international flights, which are operated by Qantas. If you are flying with multiple people and all of them are your family members, your online request to have an Upgrade Reward will be applied to each member.

But if your flight booking includes someone that isn’t a family member, you will have to contact the Qantas Contact Centre to split the booked flight, and you would be then able to request for a flight upgrade. When making a call, make sure that you PIN Frequent Flyer number, and the booking reference to make the transaction easier.

If you are wondering how many points are required to have a Classic Upgrade Reward, you can use an Upgrade Calculator. You can request for a flight upgrade between 24 hours and 353 days before your flight departure schedule.

For domestic upgrade requests, it would be immediately confirmed within 24 hours if there is an upgrade available, if not you might have to wait for a couple of days or so. You can still register if there aren’t any available upgrade slots.

As for international flights, all Qantas member can register for a flight upgrade if needed. However, your upgrade registration would be considered depending on your membership level, or it can be considered with any of the following below:

  • For Platinum one members, register seven days earlier before your scheduled flight departure.
  • For Platinum members, register two days earlier to your scheduled flight; and
  • For Frequent Flyer members, you should register for a flight upgrade within 24 hours of your scheduled flight.

When registering for a Classic Upgrade Reward, you’ll be prioritized depending Qantas membership’s level. Those who are holding the Platinum One title are the first to prioritized, followed by Platinum, then Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

If you have an unconfirmed request, you can cancel it anytime without forfeiting your points as long as it’s before your scheduled flight. If your flight upgrade request has been confirmed and you want to cancel your registration, if you request from more than 24 hours before your flight the upgrade may be refunded but it may be subject to a fee.

To cancel your confirmed or requested upgrade reward, just simply cancel it online, or you can call the local Qantas office. But If you fail to board your flight where you have redeemed points to for an upgrade or cancel the request, you will forfeit the points you have used and the seat will no longer be available.

If you want to know more about the things that are related to upgrade rewards, you can visit the Flight Upgrades site.

Should my Frequent Flyer Account Name match to my Name on my Airline Ticket?

Yes, it should. If you are the kind of person who uses nicknames on various online accounts, we recommend that you use your real name when making a Frequent Flyer account. Qantas usually requires a name validation before they credit the Qantas points into your account. If your name on your airline ticket and the name on your Frequent Flyers account matches, the Qantas points will automatically be credited to your account.

But if the name on your ticket and the name on your account didn’t match, you will not receive your status credits and Qantas points through an automated process. Also, you cannot earn points if you’ve paid for another person’s flight ticket, but if you pay for a ticket with a Qantas earning credit card that’s from a frequent flyer partner, you might earn some points for the purchase.

If you’ve traveled but didn’t receive any points, you should go to the Claim Points – Other Partners or to the Claim Points – Airline Partners. 

Do the Qantas Points expire?

No, your Qantas Points will not expire, as long as you use or earn Qantas Points through frequent flyer account for at least in every 18 months. This includes using and earning the points from Qantas’ program partners. But even if your points does expire, you’ll still remain as a member of Frequent Flyers and your card and number will retain its validity. So, the next time you want to earn some Qantas points, you’ll just have to use your card and the points will automatically be credited to your Frequent Flyer account.

How can I Book for a Qantas Flight Reward?

You can book for a Classic Flight Reward online, as it is a good idea to search for alternative times and dates in case your first preference is not available. Using our Points Calculator will help you find out how many Qantas Points are required for a Classic Flight Reward. You can also book online for a Points Plus Pay – Flight on any seats that are available on Jetstar or Qantas flights, which can be paid by using cash.

You can use your Points Plus Pay when you book a flight on to get a Points Plus Pay -Flight. This unique feature will allow Qantas Flyers to get flights with a great combination of cash and points. The more points you use for each flight, the less cash you’ll have to pay. The levels of points will start from as low as 5,000 points. Points Pay can also be used for Flight Rewards that are combined a Points Plus Pay – Flights or Commercial Fares, but the minimum points level will apply.

To use your Points Plus Pay, if you’ve logged in into your account, you will be able to use the Point Plus Pay slider on the check page. This will reduce the number of points that you could use, but not below the minimum that is required for the itinerary. Alternatively, you can call the Qantas center to assist you with your booking inquiries

Reminder: Reward Flights should be booked for at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight unless you are booking for a flight online. Booking for a flight online can be booked for up to two hours before your scheduled flight domestically, and about four hours before your departure for international flights. Some fares and locations will require you to book an earlier advance.

How can I Claim my Qantas Points to my Un-Credited Account?

Before you make a claim for your missing Qantas points for all non-partner airline transactions, you should check your Activity Statement to see if there have been points credited to your account. If you’ve discovered that the transaction doesn’t appear on your statement after weeks of transaction, you should directly contact the partner. The said partner might need you to supply for a receipt, rental agreement, and other support documentation to be able to confirm your entitlement to your missing Qantas points.

Not all partners will accept looking into claims, therefore you might want to visit the  Claim Missing Points – Other Partners to get more information about it. You can also consider sending your frequent flyer number alternatively, as the number appears on your confirmation email and card once you join the program. The legible copy of your receipt or rental agreement, as well as your name, will also be needed when you send an email to the service center.

When filing for a claim, it may take to up to 8 weeks for it to process, therefore you’ll have to regularly check your  Activity Statement to see if your claim was successful. Until then, always keep your documentation with you. Also, always remember to show your Qantas Flyer card when you make a purchase or booking for a flight to ensure that you can earn Qantas Points, which you could use for your next flight.

How can I make a claim for Points that aren’t Credited to my Account?

If your name on your ticket and the name on your account matches and the airlines you have traveled on is 14 days ago or more, you can easily claim your points online for Qantas, Emirates, Jetstar Japan, QantasLink, Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Finnair, LATAM, Fiji Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean Air, Alaska Airlines, China Eastern, American Airlines, Air North, Air Vanuatu, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, JAL Express, S7 Airlines, Jet Airways, Cathay Dragon, Qatar Airlines, and JALways.

Before you claim your uncredited points, you should check your points activity to see if there are points credited and the eligibility of your own flight. If the name on your ticket and account matches, the points will automatically be credited within 14 days of your travel. But if there’s a difference on the name on your ticket and account, you will not receive any status credits and points through the automated process. You’ll also unable to use the missing points online service to claim your points and credits. You can consider going Changing Your Name to learn how you can update your name.

To make sure your online claim is successful, you should enter all the required information correctly just as in your documentation or boarding pass. To make a claim to all other partner airlines, you need to be made to the Service Center by an email to the address. You’ll also have to include your original boarding pass, as well as the ticket copies along with other supporting documentation to confirm your entitlement for the missing points.

If there are any differences between the name on your account and the name used on your flight ticket, or if the partner airline wasn’t offered online, you’ll have to send your frequent flyer number as it would appear in your card, or in your confirmation email when you join the program, as well as the original copy of your e-ticket receipt, your name, and your ticket or boarding pass to the Service Center by email.

The claim can take for up to 14 days to process and you’ll have to check account to see if your claim was successful. Keep your documentation until your claim has been fully processed. All claims should be made within 12 months of your flight, and then you can claim your points from any flights you have taken 30 days before the enrollment date.