Miles & More Program: A Guide in 2019

What kind of Airlines are Available in Miles & More? The Sell Miles ASAP team explains it all below:

Airlines that are available in the Miles & More program includes:

How can I register for Miles & More?

If you are still not a member yet at Miles & More, you can easily and quickly signup for a program on their  Miles & More website.

Once you have registered on their site, you will instantly receive your very own Miles & More account. However, you cannot book or search for a flight until you receive your PIN number and have miles on your account. After you get some miles on your account, Miles & More will send you a membership card and a PIN number.

The Difference between Status Miles and Award Miles

By being a member of Miles & More, you can earn things like status miles and award miles, which is very useful when booking for flights and such. Award Miles are used to making some upgrades on paid flights and book for award flights. While the Status Miles, or also called Tier Points, are earned in separate ways within an airline program. It can also be accumulated to an elite status in Miles & More.

When you fly, you will earn both status and award miles at the same time. This way, you don’t have to choose which miles to collect. It’s also worth noting that the status miles of Miles & More have two different types, which are the HON Circle miles and the Standard miles.

Which Ticket Fares and Flights earn Status Miles?

You can earn status miles on Miles & More on any flight tickets you’ve paid that is operated by Air Dolomiti, Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, SWISS, Luxair, Euro Wings, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Star Alliance, and German Wings partners.

Which Ticket Fares and Flights earn HON Circle miles?

You can earn HON Circle Miles on paid fares for Best, First, and Business Class fares on German Wings. But you can also earn them on any partnership airlines of Miles & More, which includes Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa Private Jet, Euro Wings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Adria Airways, German Wings, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Air Dolomiti, and Luxair.

When do the Miles Expire in Miles & More?

For the award miles, it will expire at the end of the quarter of 36 months, which is after the day you have earned them. Like for example, if you have earned award miles on 20th of January 2016, then it would expire on the 31st of March 2019. However, if you are a cardholder of a Miles & More credit card, or you have a status level of JetFriends, Frequent Travelers, HON Circle Members, and Senators, your miles wouldn’t have an expiration date.

As for status miles, you’ll earn them every year. However, your status miles balance will reset to 0 miles again. Therefore, it would be best if you use all your status miles before the end of the year.

But, if you are a member of HON Circle, you can earn status miles in a 2-year period. This means that you can enjoy your status miles balance for 2 years before it resets.

Types of Elite Status Levels

Below are the different types of elite status levels in Miles & More:

  • HON Circle Member– with this level, you can earn 600,000 status miles for two years before it resets.
  • Senator– as for Senator elite status level, you can earn a total of 100,000 status miles within one year.
  • Frequent Traveller– 35,000 status miles earned within a calendar year
  • Miles & More member– you will automatically get registered or get an account in Miles & More.

If you want to find out more of the level’s benefits, you can look here on the Miles & More webpage.

How can I earn Miles?

There are different ways that you could do to earn some miles for your Miles & More account, which includes:

  • Miles & More airline memberships
  • Miles & More credits cards that are co-branded
  • Indirectly earn them with credit cards in American Express Membership Rewards
  • Sign up for magazine subscriptions and newspaper
  • And other promotions that offer free miles

If you want to check the best current offers, you can check it here on our top deals page.

Can I still earn Miles for the Flight that I’ve already taken?

Yes, it’s possible for you to earn credit miles to your account for the flights you have already taken. If you forgot to include your member number on your ticket’s information, you could request to have your miles credited for the past flights you have taken on the webpage of Miles & More.

Depending on which airline you have taken, you can either submit a request online, or you could submit a form and then send it through a post.

Can I earn miles on an award flight?

Unfortunately, no. You can only earn status miles and award miles on paid tickets. It means that when you redeem your award miles to book a flight, you cannot earn award miles for the said flights.

Can I Purchase Miles?

Before July 2014, you could purchase Miles & More miles. But today, it is no longer available. However, you could still buy Miles & More miles indirectly by purchasing it in newspaper and magazine subscriptions. So, if you’re interested in publication, which is an added bonus, you can buy miles for 1 cent each through the offers.

Which Airlines Offer Miles?

You could earn miles when you ride on flights that are operated by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, German Wings, Star Alliance partners, LOT Polish Airlines, Euro Wings, Luxair, Lufthansa Private Jet, Air Dolomiti, SWISS and Brussels Airlines.

What is the Cheapest and Easiest Way to Earn Miles?

The cheapest and easiest ways for you to earn more miles is by taking advantage of your credit card deals, as well as other promotions.

Can I earn miles from the Flight of another Person?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot credit the miles to your Miles & More account from the flight of another person. If only this were possible, you could benefit from your friend’s flight by taking their credits if they’re not using Miles & More.

Questions about Redeeming Miles

Which Airlines can I Fly with Award Flights?

You can actually use your miles to book for an award flight to almost anywhere. You can use your miles to any of Miles & More partner airlines, as well as with Star Alliance’s partner airlines.

What Kinds of Flights can I Book using Miles?

Miles & More miles can be used on different types of award flights, and these types of awards could be any of the following below:

  • Round the world award
  • 2 region award
  • Fly Smart awards
  • One-way awards
  • Child awards
  • 3 region award
  • Domestic award flight
  • Mileage Bargain awards
  • Upgrade awards

Is It Possible to Book an Award Flight for Another Person?

Yes, you can possibly book an award flight for another person by using your miles from Miles & More. All you have to do is to book a flight from your Miles & More account, and then enter that person’s details who is traveling on the said flight.

How can find Which Countries are Award Regions?

You can find a whole list of countries with award region zones here, so make sure to check that out to get the miles benefit.

How can I Calculate Miles for an Award Flight?

You can easily and quickly check how many miles it would cost you from one region to another by using a Miles & More’s award chart. Aside from the chart, you can also use Miles & More’s online award calculator, which you could use to enter your destination and departing airport and shows the price in miles for your flight.

How can I Book for an Award Flight?

You can easily book an award flight online if the travel is included on the Miles & More airlines, the airlines include:

If you are planning on booking a flight by using miles on any airlines within Star Alliance, you’ll need to call Miles & More call center to book for an award flight. If you want to have different connections than the one you find online, you’ll also have to call the company. By using an online booking tool, you’ll see that it only displays specific routes that include routing options and short connections.

What is the value of Award Miles?

Each user will value their Miles & More in different ways, but the usual good estimated value is more or less 1 cent per mile. You can easily redeem your miles for a value of 1 cent per mile. For example, if you have a total of 10,000 miles balance, it’s possible for you to book a flight that costs around $100.

Can I Fully Pay my Half-Paid Ticket by Using Miles?

No, you cannot pay your half-paid ticket with miles. You can only pay with either miles or cash, you cannot pay your ticket with a combination of miles and money.

Is it Possible to Use Miles to Pay the fees and taxes on an award ticket?

Yes, you can possibly pay 18,000 miles to help cover the cost of your fees and taxes on your award flights, which are within Europe that are operated by Lufthansa and other Miles & More airline partners.

How much are the Fees and Taxes on Award Flights?

The fees and taxes can vary depending on where you’re departing and landing. But the most important thing that you need to understand is that you’ll have to pay for the government and airport taxes for the award tickets. However, some airlines in Miles & More only charge for fuel surcharges.

Will I get an Airport Lounge Access in First or Business Class Ticket?

Fortunately, yes. You can basically get the same lounge access, which you would when you are traveling on a business or first-class flight.

Can I Book for an Award Ticket Two Days before the Flight?

No, you cannot book for an award ticket that is within two days before your departure. You should book for an award ticket that is more than two days before the flight.

Can I Change or Cancel an Award Ticket?

Yes, you can possibly change or cancel your regular award tickets for a fee of $60 regardless of the class, date, location, and airline of travel. If you cancel an award flight, the miles you have used will be redeposited in your Miles & More account.

However, on reduced flight awards, you cannot cancel or change a ticket. It includes Fly Smart and Mileage award tickets, so it’s certain that you can travel on flights you booked. And if you have canceled a flight reward, you wouldn’t get your miles or your fees and taxes refunded.

Can I cancel within 24 hours of booking for free?

Yes, with all of your award tickets, including your reduced flight awards such as the Mileage Bargain and the Fly Smart awards, you will have the option to cancel the ticket for free within 24 hours of booking. If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking you will be refunded all miles and taxes and fees.

What are the Fees of Certain Operations?

Certain operations include the cancellations, change, and close-in booking fees. If you want to know the fees of these operations, you can continue reading down below:

  • Cancellation fee this is free for the first 24 hours. It would cost around $60 after
  • Close-in booking fee: there is no fee, but you cannot book for an award flight within 2 days
  • Phone booking has no fee
  • Change fee is free if you’ve booked within 24 hours, if its already more than 24 hours, you’ll have to pay a fee of around $64.

Can I Book for a One-Way around Ticket?

Yes, in fact, you can even save miles in some situations by booking two award tickets to have roundtrip travel. Miles & More can charge a roundtrip price of 50% on awards and one-way award trips. Its price is rounded to the nearest raise of 1,000 miles. Like for example, if you purchase a domestic roundtrip award flight within the USA it would cost 25,000 miles, but if you booked for two one-way award tickets, it would only cost 24,000 miles.

Can I add an Open-Jaws and stopover in an Award Ticket?

Yes, in fact adding open-jaws and stopovers is one of the best ways that you could do to maximize your miles. Also, Miles & More has some of the most stopover rules out of continuous flyer programs, therefore it’s up to you if you want to take advantage of it.

So, what is a stopover? This is where you stop in a city or country for a flight that has more than 24 hours of traveling before you reach your destination.

How about open-jaw? This is when you’ll be flying back home from a different airport than you have landed on originally.

How many segments of flight are allowed on various award types?

Miles & More also has a maximum limit of a number of flights you could take on an award type. It limits the connections and routing that you are allowed to take in certain award flights. Below are the following rules:

  • 1 region award trip- this only has 2 flight segments for every direction
  • 2 region award trip – this only has 3 flight segments for every direction
  • 3 region award trip– this only has 4 flight segments for every direction

What is the Rule for the Award Ticket’s Mileage Bargain?

Mileage Bargain is a reduced flight award of Miles & More that offers 50% off the miles’ prize, this is when you travel and book within certain dates and destinations.

It’s important to make a note that it isn’t possible to get a refund on your reduced award flight. Therefore, if you cancel any of these award tickets, you won’t be re-credited for the miles you have used, or get refunded for the fees and taxes, including fuel surcharges.

Should I Save my Miles or Use Them?

Usually, it would be much better if you use your miles than saving it as your balance resets in specific years. Moreover, frequent flyer programs tend to lose the value of their miles over time, while the award flights price increases. This actually happens slowly, but it would be better if you use your miles if you’ve seen an award ticket that you want to book.

3 Ways on How to Use Miles & More Miles

We have out down some of the best ways on how to use Miles & More miles below, but the best way that you could use your miles is by purchasing award flights to provide the most value to your travel goals.

Which is Better Swiss or Lufthansa First Class?

When it comes to first-class cabins, Swiss and Lufthansa are reputed one of the best cabins in Europe, and they also offer exclusive access to their lounges which are also first-class. Booking this kind of award is quite difficult if you’re using miles with Star Alliance partner, as there are no spaces released to other airlines 15 days before your departure.

Therefore, it is much easier to book tickets through the Miles & More program of Lufthansa. Usually, there would not only have more space, but you would also have easier access for as much as 361 days before the flight departure.

However, you will have to pay more since there’s basically a $900 surcharge of the carrier for the roundtrip travel if you use your Miles & More. But, it would actually require you fewer miles than booking through United Mileage Plus. The said ticket that originally cost around $14,000, only costs around 170,000 miles. Therefore, this actually represents the value of 8.2 CPM after the surcharge is adjusted.

Additional tips:

Roundtrip Awards have Two Stopovers, but One-Way Awards are Cheaper

Airlines usually allow their travelers to book for two stopovers on any of the roundtrip award. This is among one of the most generous policies of most loyalty programs, and it can compare well with Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan and Air Canada’s Aeroplan.

This can be useful if you’re planning on visiting multiple cities for a tour in Europe or South America on one award ticket, and spending a few or weeks or days in each city that you visit before you could continue the trip. However, there are better options if you want to visit various geographic regions.

Two open jaws are also allowed on roundtrip awards, as they allow you to go back to the city other than the place where you’ve started, or to the city where you have landed. If you know how to fix your own transportation between the cities, then considering using an open-jaw will make it a good alternative for stopovers.

One of the advantages of booking a one-way flight is that it is much cheaper than the roundtrip awards. If a roundtrip award flight costs around 25,000 miles, then when you purchase tow one-way flights that were booked separately will cost 12,000 miles each.