How to sign up for the membership of World of Hyatt? 

You will be able to avail the membership in World of Hyatt through online application in any World of Hyatt hotels, by reaching hotline numbers (402) 593-8615 / (800) 544-9288 if you are in North American areas. You can also try to call and contact the most accessible contact center of Hyatt near you.

When can I expect the materials included to my World of Hyatt membership after I complete my member sign up?

The World of Hyatt no longer send exclusive membership items that includes the membership card for newly signed up members, Explorist and Discoverist members starting on the 1st of March 2018. World of Hyatt can only send exclusive membership items that include the membership card for those World of Hyatt members that can complete and earn 100 thousand Base Points within the span of one year, or by achieving sixty Tier-Qualifying stays.

Are there different membership classes within World of Hyatt?

There are three prestige membership classes or tiers in World of Hyatt members known as Globalist, Explorist, and the Discoverist tier. To find out the difference and benefits for each of these tiers including the membership tier requirements in World of Hyatt, try visiting the Membership Benefits tab on the website of World of Hyatt.

How can I achieve the different World of Hyatt membership tier status?

Every membership tier requirement shall be completed or acquired within the span of one complete calendar year, starting from the first day of January up until to the last day of December on the same year. The Discoverist status might be accomplished in the wake of finishing ten Tier-Qualifying stays or gaining twenty-five thousand points or three Qualifying events in a year. The Explorist status might be accomplished subsequent to finishing thirty Tier-Qualifying stays or acquiring fifty thousand points or ten Qualifying events or meetings within a year. The Globalist status might be accomplished in the wake of finishing sixty Tier-Qualifying stays or winning a hundred thousand points or twenty Qualifying Events within a year.

What does Tier-Qualifying stay mean?

The Tier-Qualifying stay refers to any or every stay spent by a member staying at any World of Hyatt hotels that includes resorts, paid Eligible Rate for accommodation, redeemed a reward for an unpaid, and reservations using your own membership number in World of Hyatt.

What characterizes qualifying meetings or events to tally an elite status for my account?

An occasion is characterized as one stay with at least 10 consumed visitor rooms for each meeting.

Do the points we gain from qualifying events and meetings considered as Bonus points or Base credits?

Every point gained in qualifying events are considered as Bonus Points that won’t be viewed while assessing a member if they are illegible and qualified in an elite account status.

How can you define Base points and how can I gain these points to my account?

These points refer to the points that are tallied for a World of Hyatt membership tier status. Base Points will be acquired while paying for specific qualified charges (One qualified US Dollar – Five Base Points) and might be earned while you are paying for an Eligible Rate or through eating and different encounters. Both Bonus Points and Base Points might be reclaimed as rewards in World of Hyatt, although a member can only use Base points to advance in claiming a single membership tier status.

You able to follow your point procuring, including seeing your updated Base Points when you sign up with your account in the website of Hyatt.

How can you define Eligible Rate?

The Eligible Rate is defined as the rate issued by World of Hyatt. Different rates such as private, standard, senior citizen, and volume rates are counted as Eligible rate. Rates without discounts that you can find in World of Hyatt is also qualified as Eligible rate.

Am I able to gain Base Points for specific tier status when I paid for a rate that is considered as ineligible?

Indeed, you can gain Incidental Charges as points, regardless of whether the booking is reserved at a room with ineligible rate. Every single Base Point gained from Incidental Charges that is not ilegible is recorded for a specific tier.

Can an unregistered guest earn his/her own Base Points?

An unregistered guest can actually earn points on any participating and authorized outlets of World of Hyatt.

What does Bonus Point mean?

Bonus Points includes all normal and usual membership points. Just like the usual base points, your Bonus Points might be recovered in World of Hyatt grants. Be that as it may, Bonus Points were not included in the tallies toward a part’s tier in Hyatt. Points for bonuses incorporate (without constraint): rate rewards granted to individuals in a Discoverist status, Explorist status, Globalist status, the points that are earned through qualifying gatherings or occasions, points that are gained with the use Hyatt Credit Card, the points who came from acquired or gotten by exchange or blessing, and the points gained from a limited time special (except if the terms within the limited time special explicitly state generally).

When can a member receive a copy of the summary of their accounts in World of Hyatt?

A member is able to receive their account summaries every month once they have provided their email address. They also need to access Communications Preferences in their own profile online to enable receiving summaries of their World of Hyatt account electronically.

Are there rules that I need to follow in order to maintain my own Hyatt account active?

In the event that a Member’s account is dormant within twenty-four successive months, all points earned and gained in that account should be relinquished around then, yet, associated with the terms, a member’s record will stay open (having a capacity to earn and gain new points after). (Preceding the first of July 2017, individuals with dormant accounts within twenty-four successive months got his or her participation ended, and grants or advantages related in that record were relinquished upon end.)

How to maintain my membership account active?

There are several ways that can help your membership account in World of Hyatt remain active that includes in the following:

  • Earn and gain a point that is either base or bonus points.
  • Redeem the points you gain.
  • Acquire credit while taking accommodation at Hyatt hotels and other participating partners.
  • Sharing rewards with another World of Hyatt member that is legal with the terms of World of Hyatt.
  • Turning your points into credits with the help of a specific travel partner.
  • Buy points.
  • Merge points with another account from a member of Hyatt.
  • Get an active credit card of World of Hyatt associated or connected with your own account in World of Hyatt.

Just always remember that, when a member uses his or her points to redeem for booking and either drops that reservation, that won’t consider reclamation of points that won’t influence the estimation of that Hyatt member’s action.

Can I still recover my points back when my membership account was shut down for my 2 years inactivity before the first of July 2017?

No, when a record is shut down and the points are relinquished due to latency, your Hyatt points cannot be recovered.

Is there any possible way to reclaim my forfeited points because of my dormant activities in the span of two year after the first of July 2017?

None, after your points are relinquished the Hyatt will not be able to reinstate the point. But according to the terms with the World of Hyatt, your own member’s account can be kept opened and begin again to earn points and rewards.

Until when can a membership tier status last?

It would be ideal if you visit account details section to confirm when your level lapse period. The standard material Tier-Qualifying stays or Points should be gained inside each timetable year.

How can I know the number of points I earned in my membership account?

If it’s not too much trouble visit in order for you to check all your earned points. Your points can be utilized with the expectation of complimentary stays at Hyatt. Regarding your own benefit, utilize the Hyatt Awards Calculator in arranging what number of points your requirement for your rewards. Points can likewise be changed over to aircraft miles with taking an interest carrier accomplice or recovered in rental with Avis®.

Why I am not able to see my statements in the most recent transactions?

Kindly call for the attention of the customer service department in World of Hyatt if you notice that there are no statements for your monthly activities recently.

Am I able to gain credit for my stays before I sign up in World of Hyatt membership?

Stays before your sign up for membership are not counted for you to acquire points or Tier-Qualifying stay.

What if I am not able to gain a point or credit during a stay even if I already signed up for the World of Hyatt membership?

If you are able to sign up as a member for the World of Hyatt, you are able to request points or credits for your stays after you checked out in a period of one year. You just need to wait for two or more weeks before the points are credited to your account after your check out date.

Why do members that paid for ineligible rates are not offered with hotel benefits?

Paying for Eligible Rate empowers Hyatt to give individuals the best esteem, reliability, and customized encounters amid their stays, prompting further associations with visitors.

Am I able to avail for an upgrade as a member of Hyatt under my stay in a Hyatt hotel or resort?

Your Hyatt membership cannot ensure if you are able to get an upgrade for your room. World of Hyatt only offer rewards that you can utilized in upgrading bookings (subjected with least room necessities for the fundamental reservation). Kindly observe the rewards chart for further details.

Furthermore, members that have elite tier status may acquire upgrades for a room (in view of accessibility at registration) as an advantage from their elite status membership.

  • Subject to accessibility, members with Discoverists tier will be presented in a favored room at the time of registration at taking part Hyatt lodgings and resorts. Favored rooms are dictated by every lodging or resort and incorporate rooms on corner rooms, higher floors, or stays with all the more engaging perspectives. Favored rooms are specific rooms that might be progressively alluring, however, are inside a similar room type/class reserved by a member of Hyatt; The members are not in a “value point” in upgrading the room type or classification.
  • Explorists will be present with the finest room accessible at the season of registration at taking an interest Hyatt inns and resorts, Club and barring suites relax to get to rooms. The finest room accessible will be controlled by the resort or hotel in its own sole tact and may change from a single stay to a longer stay. The “finest room” may, however, won’t really become the lodging or room class higher than that reserved by a Hyatt member.
  • The Globalists will get the finest room accessible at the season of registration at partaking Hyatt lodgings and hotels, including standard rooms that has bars to let the guest relax too. The finest room accessible will be dictated by the appropriate inn or hotel with their own circumspection and may shift from short stay to longer period of checking in. The “finest room” may, won’t really become the lodging or room class higher than that reserved by a Hyatt member. Best-room-accessible advantage incorporates just standard rooms, which are characterized as rooms inside each partaking lodging’s or resort’s early on suite classification. Claim to fame, Diplomatic, Presidential, Premier, and different accommodations other than usual and common accommodations are excluded in this advantage.

Is there a Hyatt credit card for members?

The World of Hyatt actually has its own credit card. If you want to know more details just click this link.

Where do I need to look for the Bonus points offered Hyatt?

You can visit the offered bonuses by World of Hyatt here.

How to check if I already received my Bonus Points from World of Hyatt that I acquired from offers in promotions?

To get Hyatt member’s Bonus Points for your qualifying stays, make certain to demonstrate the suitable offer protocol when reserving a spot and solicitation the offer protocol amid a registration. At the season of check out your receipt to show your own Hyatt account in your membership has been exchanges for your remaining reward offer. For you to be able to confirm that you already received the suitable Bonus Points for your account, sign in with your record and there should be the Bonus Points recorded into your own Hyatt Account Details.

How can I recover my Bonus points from World of Hyatt if I am not able to receive them?

In order for you to solve your problem just contact the Customer Service of World of Hyatt.

Am I able to buy Bonus points of World of Hyatt?

You can absolutely buy points and even share them with other World of Hyatt members.

Am I able to get my own travel partner miles transferred as bonus points in my Hyatt account?

This option is not yet offered in World of Hyatt, but you can actually transfer your bonus points as miles with World of Hyatt travel partners that can be found in the Hyatt website.

How long do I need to wait for my earned miles to get posted into my own account with my own travel partner?

You need to wait between six to eight weeks before you can see your miles posted in your travel partner account.

In the event that I converted my Hyatt points into credits or miles with another travel accomplice, what is the base amount of points that I will be able to exchange?

Individuals may change over-focuses with miles in accomplices that are taking part at a transformation proportion of one thousand two hundred and fifty to five hundred miles. At least five thousand points is a requirement for every transformation demand. Extra point transformations might be made one thousand two hundred- and fifty-point increases. If you don’t mind alluding to the Rewards section of Hyatt for explicit information on taking interest accomplices.