Are one of those individuals who want to know some answers for the most common questions and inquiries about Delta SkyMiles? See it for yourself right now from this collection of FAQs and learn some things you need to know, compiled by the Sell Miles Instant Quote team!

How can I get my mileage credits from SkyMiles if I already went on a trip without presenting my SkyMiles identification number?

Regarding this issue you can actually get a fill up form from the website of SkyMiles and look for the request page for your mileage credits. Just don’t forget to fill it out with you trip information such as the date, identification number of your travel ticket, and the number that corresponds to your flight. Make sure next time that you will not miss presenting your SkyMiles number whenever you go for a trip.

Is there a way to guarantee that my mileage credit has already been credited to my SkyMiles account each time I go for a travel?

Every qualifying trips and flights are tracked immediately as soon as your SkyMiles identification number for your account popped up on our logs for reservations. That was a proof that you should always remember to present your SkyMiles account number when you are expected to travel, include also the same name you registered for your account in order to prevent future confusions.

My SkyMiles account was just created lately, is there any chance that I will be able to claim my mileage credits from my recent trips before my subscription with SkyMiles?

Yes, you will be able to claim your mileage credits and put it in your account but you are only able to get those credits from your previous trips if you took those trips thirty days before your SkyMiles account was created.

Can I still find or retrieve my SkyMiles identification number if I can’t remember it anymore?

Regarding this concern or any other else related in recovering an account number, just quickly look for “Forgot SkyMiles Account Numbers” into the official website.

When will I be able to receive my mileage credits from limited time deals offered by SkyMiles Delta that I joined in?

Customers who joined limited time deals usually need to wait for about six to eight weeks before their mileages show up within their SkyMiles account. If you want to know more about the posting details of mileages for limited time deals, just read their terms and legal conditions.

How can I resolve my problem with my missing credits for a leisure I joined in with a qualifying partner of SkyMiles?

There was a posting period before your mileage credits appear into your account, and it was usually a month up to three months.

I want to change the name that appears on my account with SkyMiles, how will I do it?

In order to do this activity you need to provide documentations for legal basis. For more detailed information just refer to the member guide of SkyMiles.

Are there several conditions that I need to consider in order to maintain my SkyMiles account active and open?

Your mileage credits and your SkyMiles account will not be removed from our system even if you do not have recent activities and actions related to your account. It means that there are no conditions or requirements that needs your compliance in order to maintain your SkyMiles account and credits active. However, just keep your contact information updated within your account because SkyMiles usually contact their customers who are inactive recently because we consider disabling accounts for those customers who is not able to respond when we contact them.

Am I able to acquire a card from SkyMiles?

A SkyMiles member, including you, can download an application that can provide a digital and electronic card, and you can print the layout of the card from the mobile application.

Is there an option for me to combine or merge several SkyMiles accounts under my name?

If you are certain that the personal information in your accounts are identical, you can actually ask the “Delta Reservation Sales” to give assistance in merging your accounts.

How to determine my flight’s carrier?

A carrier can be determined by locating a couple of alphabet codes beside your flight code or number just like in SkyMiles Delta, we use DL as our marketing carrier code.

How to determine the flight class of a trip that I availed or will avail?

The very first character in your flight code usually represent your flight class. You will also be able to find some more detailed information regarding this inquiry within the website of SkyMiles.

Can I buy more mileage for my SkyMiles account?

You can absolutely purchase mileage for your account.

What are the things that I need to do in order to earn mileage with SkyMiles?

Just check the “Earn Miles” section of our website to learn how to gain miles from SkyMiles and other qualifying partners.

Do you allow your customer to merge reward level and cabin type when claiming a reward ticket?

SkyMiles allow customers like you to merge the level and cabin type when you redeem for a single two-way reward ticket.

Are we able to use miles with SkyMiles’ qualifying partners?

You can actually use your miles with several partners of SkyMiles. You can call the hotline behind your SkyMiles card wherein they will request for your password. But if you are not from the United States, you can keep in touch with us to provide you our assistance.

Is there an option available to give my reward to other SkyMiles member?

There is one possible option that you can do, just put the name of the other member who will receive the reward the reward ticker.

How can I get rid of any discrepancy in my account?

Just look for the guide and rules related with discrepancies of accounts in the actual page to gather accurate details.

How can I check the miles that I earned in my SkyMiles account?

Just log in with your SkyMiles account and quickly locate your balance by glancing at the left most corner.

When will I be able to cancel booking my reward to regain my earn miles?

For you to be able to regain your miles, make sure that you can cancel the reward booking by keeping yourself ahead by 3 days. There will also be a cancelling fee that will be charged on you. If you failed cancelling the booking ahead by 3 days, the miles you earned will not be regained.

How much is the cancellation or redeposit charge when I will cancel a reward booking?

The fee will be charged at a constant rate of one hundred fifty US dollars when you have successfully cancelled the booking. But this fee will be voided when you are considered as a platinum and diamond member.

Is it possible to change a reward ticket?

Yes, it was absolutely possible, and the conditions was similar in cancelling a booked reward ticket.

How do waivers work?

The status or tier of your SkyMiles account is the basis for the waiver each time you decide to change or redeposit rewards and miles respectively. The fee charged on you can only be waived if you are already a platinum or a diamond SkyMiles member.

In every money that I spent with my trips and tickets; how can I know the number of miles I earned?

  • Members under SkyMiles’ General tier earn 5 miles for every dollar they spent.
  • Members under SkyMiles’ Silver tier earn 7 miles for every dollar they spent.
  • Members under SkyMiles’ Gold tier earn 8 miles for every dollar they spent.
  • Members under SkyMiles’ Platinum tier earn 9 miles for every dollar they spent.
  • Members under SkyMiles’ Diamond tier earn 11 miles for every dollar they spent.

Is it possible for SkyMiles members to gain miles from government taxes?

You will not be able to earn or gain any mile with the money you spent with taxes for the government.

How to gain points from airline flights with qualifying partners?

Just refer to the website’s Partner Airlines section to make things clear regarding this inquiry.

Are there limits in miles that I can gain from my trips and flights?

There are no limits such as minimum and maximum for the miles that you can possibly earn by taking flights.

What are the possible options to gain more miles from different packages offered to me for my fare?

There are often times wherein the ticket your purchased is not disclosed regarding with they payment. But different bonus rate will apply depending on your status or tier as a member of SkyMiles.

Can I get the exact miles that I can gain from a certain trip?

You can actually see the rounded-up number of miles that you can possibly gain for a certain trip. You will be able to see these details one you reserve or booked for a ticket.

Can I still earn the miles if there are someone who paid for my trip?

No matter who paid for the ticket in your trip, as long as your name and account number were provided to receive the rewards there is nothing you should worry about because you will surely gain those miles.

Is it possible that the mode of my payment will reflect on the miles that I can possibly gain?

Yes, it is possible because the miles you can get will not be based on the whole payment you paid for on other payment outlets. The only credited payment will be based on the base fare or fees charged by SkyMiles.

How many miles can I possible earn when I pay using other currency aside from USD?

The rate of miles that you can earn for every dollar you spent with SkyMiles is the same with you use other currency. The formula will only convert that specific currency into USD in order to come up with the same rate.

Can I earn miles if I have a complimentary account status?

Yes, if you have a complimentary membership account status you will be able to earn miles for your respective status.

How can I achieve different medallion status or tiers?

Medallion qualification segments and medallion qualification miles is the basis for a SkyMiles member for them to achieve a certain medallion status. Medallion qualification dollars are also reviewed to come up with all the member’s expenses all throughout a year. In order for a member to earn or achieve a certain medallion status a member should meet or spend a certain amount as a requirement.

Do my SkyMiles account tier or status reflect on how many miles I can earn for every dollar I spent on buying tickets and other travel expenses?

Your account status will surely reflect on how many miles you can earn from a certain trip at the exact moment of your travel.

How long is the posting period of miles to a SkyMiles account?

You can immediately see miles being posted in your account if your earned them from any Delta SkyMiles flight you complete. But you will be required to wait for 2 to 3 months before a mile will be posted in your card.

Can I use my credit card from SkyMiles to pay using miles or miles and actual money?

Yes, as long as you your credit card is eligible in using miles for payments. You can also select between the two options to serve as your advantage.

How to redeem miles that I earn from my membership account?

If you are a SkyMiles member, you can have your miles to redeem or claim an award as a travel ticket for over a thousand places with Delta SkyMiles. Aside from that option, there are also more possible options that you can choose from just visit the “Use Miles” page of their website.

Can you explain the option using cash and miles together?

It is an option for a member when they redeem using both their money and earned miles. But this option is only applicable using cash or money together with your miles.

Can you differentiate the redeeming option using cash and miles from other options?

It is a privilege for few credit cards that came from SkyMiles Delta that gives you the capability to pay using miles. The redeeming option known as “Miles plus Cash” is proposed to members to let them use their miles in reducing the price of their tickets.

How can a member determine the number if miles they earned for claiming award tickets or rewards?

You can check your available miles for redemption in the website of SkyMiles Delta. You are also able to view a round-up number of miles when you book or reserve for a flight as long as you log your account in the website.

Do awards tickets have dates of blackouts?

Delta airlines do not have blackout dates.

How can a SkyMiles member earn or achieve the MQD waiver?

MQD waiver is the medallion qualification dollar waiver if you are not yet aware. In order to get this waiver, a member under silver, gold, or platinum medallion tier or status must be able to gather a total of at least twenty-five thousand dollars of purchases using the credit card issued by SkyMiles Delta. The total purchases should accrue within a who calendar year.

While for members under the diamond medallion tier or status, they need to have a total of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars’ worth of purchases as their medallion qualification dollar waiver requirement. But this change was only applied at the start of January 2018.

What expenses are included in the MQD?

Medallion qualification dollar is the overall expenses of a SkyMiles member on flights purchased with Delta airlines, these are flight codes with “DL” characters. Any taxes or fees charged by the government is not included, but all other expenses are included aside from government issued charges.

Some tickets from cruises, travel packages, consolidators, tours and other passes that have undisclosed fare can be included to the medallion qualification dollars. There are some Delta Vacations® that has an airfare proportion that can be used in earning medallion qualification dollars depending on the class of airfare and the travel distance. There are also some options that cannot be used in earning MQD such as bonuses, rewards, cash plus miles, travel passes, and several tickets that cannot accrue miles.

Paying or purchasing using mileage tickets gives you the capability to earn medallion qualification dollars for a proportion of main airfare and other charges from a certain carrier or airline if it is paid with actual money right after mileages are included in the subtotal of tickets. Purchasing specific travel seats and Delta Comfort+® for upgrading under premium class within a channel of Delta airlines is qualified for MQD. While every additional expense will not accrue in gaining MQD.

Can a member still earn MQDs from cancelled tickets if they are not able to receive refunds?

No, Medallion Qualification Dollars can only be earned and gained by finishing or completing eligible flights and travels. This is similar too in earning miles, medallion qualification miles and medallion qualification segments. This means that if a SkyMiles member is not able to complete a travel or never taken a flight, there will be no rewards that will be awarded to a member.

Will the mode of payment reflect in earning MQDs?

Most of the forms paid for eligible travels such as travel vouchers from Delta airlines can be used in gaining Medallion Qualification Dollars needed by a member. Payments for tickets from miles can also gain MQDs from a part of real airfare and other carrier charges that remained to be paid using actual money right after your earned miles is included in counting the overall total of tickets.

What are the other purchases that can be credited to gain more MQDs?

Purchases with Preferred Seats and purchases with Delta Comfort+ including upgrades in premium class that is paid through the Delta airlines and other affiliating channels will be credited in gaining medallion qualification dollars. Every additional payments or charges, together with checked luggage charges that is not yet limited, membership in Delta Sky Club, Priority Boarding, passes for WiFi, other flight needs that are being paid, amusements in the plane, minimal additional charges, pet accommodation charges, miles payments, ticket customization charges, standby charge, External Reissue Charge, and Administrative Service Charge will not be used to gain medallion qualification dollars.

How long will a SkyMiles member wait until approved charges and payments using a credit card issued by Delta SkyMiles will be counted in gaining the waiver for MQDs?

The programs of SkyMiles has rules that applies, for you to be able to gain knowledge with these rules just visit the program rules and guides for membership in the website. every eligible purchase must be in between the counted calendar year, this means that it should be between the start and end of one calendar year from first of January to the last day of December.

What are the options for a SkyMiles member to guarantee that they gain MQDs?

SkyMiles members will be able to gain medallion qualification dollars with flights that are marketed by Delta airlines, you can confirm it by looking into your airline code(if you are able to find “DL” characters on the code it is a marketed Delta flight). To make sure that you will be able to gain and receive you MQDs or other miles don’t forget to present your SkyMiles account number upon your reservation and booking. You will also be able to book your flight using channels affiliated with Delta in the website of SkyMiles Delta. Just remember that medallion qualification dollars do not include fees that are charged by the government, but the initial fare and other additional charges from the airline and carrier is counted toward earning MQDs.

Spending with multiple groups of airline partners can also give you the chance to earn MQDs, you just need to make sure that the transaction was made through affiliated channels of Delta airlines and SkyMiles Delta website. Purchases with Preferred Seats and purchases with Delta Comfort+ including upgrades in premium class that is paid through the Delta airlines and other affiliating channels will be credited in gaining medallion qualification dollars.

Until when will I wait for MQDs to post within my SkyMiles account that I booked as an itinerary that has multiple segments?

Your MQDs will be posted in your account right after every segment is able to fly by just like in your MQSs and MQMs. In order for you to get the whole credit you should do your reservations and booking with affiliating channels of Delta SkyMiles and do not forget to provide you SkyMiles Membership account number when you are going to book and reserve for you travel.

How long do I need to wait if there are changes that needs to be updated with my account number before I can acquire again the total for my MQD waiver?

You only need to patiently wait for six to eight weeks to have the updated MQD waiver total when you log into the website of Delta airlines.

Am I able to find out the total number of MQD that I can gain if I plan for a trip?

You can actually check the estimated or round up calculation for your miles that you can get from the trip that you reserved or booked, just log in to your SkyMiles membership account in their official website and check it within the section of Trip Summary.

What if a member has several credit cards that is issued by SkyMiles Delta, how will their qualified purchases count for their MQD waivers?

All your existing expenses with your several credit cards that is issued by SkyMiles Delta will be summed and included for your yearly qualifying expenses total, as long as your cards are all connected to your own SkyMiles membership account number.

Are the members of SkyMiles able to earn MQDs if they got involuntarily or voluntarily re-routed?

Reissued passes or tickets will still let you gain MQDs points as long as they are included to your finished trips. Although there are some scenarios wherein members or customers are being taken under different carriers or airlines, the system of SkyMiles Delta might not be able to distinguish the re-issued segment that you finished. At that case, the MQDs might not usually post in time. The good this is that you can fix any discrepancy or errors that you can notice just refer to the official website.

Purchases with Preferred Seats and purchases with Delta Comfort+ including upgrades in premium class that is paid through the Delta airlines and other affiliating channels will be credited in gaining medallion qualification dollars. Every additional payments or charges, together with checked luggage charges that is not yet limited, membership in Delta Sky Club, Priority Boarding, passes for WiFi, other flight needs that are being paid, amusements in the plane, minimal additional charges, pet accommodation charges, miles payments, ticket customization charges, standby charge, External Reissue Charge, and Administrative Service Charge will not be used to gain medallion qualification dollars.