About Us

All about Sell Miles ASAP:


The Sell Miles ASAP team prides itself on customer service. We know that the miles business can be hair-raising and scary for first time buyers. That is why we have a broker available on the phone at least 18 hours a day to answer your call and walk you through our process, and answer any questions you may have.

As for other miles brokers, there are many out there. But Sell Miles ASAP, led by miles broker veteran Sol Weisenfeld, is focusing on customer support, customer satisfaction, and 100% buyer protection.

We make sure that every transaction protects the client – unlike other brokers who first use your miles and pay you after the fact – we do the exact opposite: After we verify your miles, we send you the money, and only after that do we have use your miles or points.

100% buyer protection and satisfaction courtesy of Sell Miles ASAP!