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My name is Sol Wesenfeld and I’ve been in the airline miles industry for over 8 years. I worked at a first rate miles broker for 8 years and recently went off on my own to launch Sell Miles ASAP, with a focus on customer satisfaction. I noticed that many potential customers were concerned about the mile selling process, so I set out to build a business where I make sure each and every client feels safe, secure, and most of all, gets the best possible rate for their airline miles. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

our process for selling airline miles:

1. Fill Out a Form:

  • Sell Miles ASAP is happy to handle all of your credit card points and airlines miles requests. This includes buying your extra airline miles, selling you extra airline miles (perhaps you’d like to fly first class?), as well as buying your extra credit card points, or selling you credit card points.

2. Receive an Instant Quote:

  • Sell Miles ASAP has exclusive technology in our form which allows us to present an instant quote for your airline miles or credit card points request. Try it for yourself!

3. Collect Miles, Points, or Cash:

  • If you accept our instant offer, we will then simply verify your credit card points, airline miles, and Paypal account, and viola, you will receive your cash or points/miles depending on your transaction.

Common Airline Mileage Selling Questions:

  • How much can you sell airline miles for?
    • This is a common question that people ask mileage brokers. There is no universal answer – it all depends on how many miles you want to sell and which airline program you are with. For example, 260,000 Lufthansa miles will sell for approximately $2600, and 500,000 Delta Skymiles will sell for roughly $3150. However, these rates are constantly changing, but we are happy to give you a free quote.
  • Am I allowed to legally sell airline miles?
    • According to U.S. law, selling airline miles is legal, except in the state of Utah. However, it is indeed against most airlines TOS programs, since they prefer that you use their miles to redeem tickets or other vouchers and gift cards. Not to fear, however, as we have many safeguard processes to ensure the safety of each of our transactions.
  • What exactly is a mileage broker?
    • A mileage broker is someone who buys and sells airline miles. You might be wondering why mileage brokers are buying miles, and the reason is because mileage brokers work with travel agencies and help them book tickets using existing points, which they buy from clients such as yourself.


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TESTIMONIALS for sell miles asap

I’ve been holding about a million delta skymiles and sold half to one broker and half to sell miles asap. i felt much more comfortable using these guys over at sell miles asap – sol was a pleasure to work with.

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I’ve used at least 5 other miles brokers in the past, but nobody felt safe until i met these guys. I spoke with Sol on the phone and he was great – walked me through the process and overall I was pleased. Good job.

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This was my first time selling miles and I used sell miles asap. Process was a bit nerve wracking but overall smooth and I got my money – will use again when i rack up more miles!

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